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Meet Our Students - Jessica Balukas

Balukas ProfileWhat year and semester did you begin EES graduate studies?
Fall 2013

What degree are you pursuing?
M.S. in Ecology and Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Resource Economics

Who is your academic advisor/s?
Kathleen Bell

What prior degrees do you have?
B.A in Biology from Colby College

Why did you choose to attend grad school at UMaine? Why did you choose EES?
I chose the University of Maine for several reasons. I wanted to stay in Maine (I’m originally from New Hampshire), and I knew UMaine had excellent science programs. I chose EES because it integrates several different fields that interest me into one program, including wildlife ecology, sustainability, conservation, and resource economics.

Briefly describe the research project you are working on.
I am studying vernal pools and assessing the effectiveness of current legislation to determine whether there is a more effective system that will appease both scientists and the regulated community.

What have been your favorite classes at UMaine so far? If you are new to UMaine, which classes are you most looking forward to taking?
I am looking forward to all ecology courses and Resource Economics and Policy.

What has been your most rewarding research experience and why? If you are new to UMaine, what are your research goals?
My research goals include increasing understanding of vernal pool services and improving vernal pool protections.

What advice do you have for prospective graduate students?
It’s okay to have diverse interests when heading to graduate school. You don’t have to limit yourself to one area.

Are you interested in mentoring undergraduates?

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