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Meet Our Students - Dave Grunzel

Dave Grunzel
What year and semester did you begin EES graduate studies?
Spring 2012

Who is your academic advisor?
Dr. Brian Olsen

What prior degrees do you have ?
B.A. in Biology from Washington & Jefferson College

Why did you choose to attend grad school at UMaine? Why did you choose EES?
The autumnal songbird migration research attracted me to the University of Maine as a field technician, and during my two seasons at that position I realized I wanted to continue working with Brian, and in the same coastal migration system.

Briefly describe the research project you are working on in 50 words or less.
My research will focus on the behavioral ecology of songbirds migrating along the coast of Maine, as well as the large scale reproductive synchrony of the Black-Throated Blue Warbler.

What has been your favorite class at UMaine so far?
I found Habitat/Wildlife Relationships a very rewarding class and I look forward to taking others.

What has been your most rewarding research experience and why? If you are new to UMaine, what are your research goals?
What advice to do you have for prospective graduate students?
It is much easier to accomplish things if you’re involved in something you’re genuinely intrigued by and love doing.

Are you interested in mentoring undergraduates?

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