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Alumni - Rob Baldwin, Ph.D. 2005

Rob BaldwinWhat attracted you to the EES program at UMaine?
It was the broad, interdisciplinary scope of the EES program that attracted me, and the drive and ambition of EES faculty to make a difference by doing important science, being engaged, and integrating research with stakeholders at multiple levels. My expectations were certainly met – my experience crossed boundaries of colleges and departments and disciplines within departments.

What did you like most about EES? How has your experience at UMaine helped you in your career?
I liked the openness of the program, the ability to talk to faculty in any department. Engagement of energetic faculty in my research and professional development was a big part of my feeling of success. The smallness and big aspirations of the University made each graduate student feel, I’m pretty sure, an integral part of the whole.  I learned numerous research, writing, and communication skills in the EES program which have helped me immeasurably.

What are you doing now?
I am a tenured professor in the School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences at Clemson University.

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