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Alumni - Patrick Lyons, M.S. 2011

Patrick Lyons

What attracted you to the EES program at UMaine?
I chose the University of Maine’s EES program because I wanted to return to my home state and work on issues facing Maine’s natural resources. 

What did you like most about EES? How has your experience at UMaine helped you in your career?
The EES program provided me that opportunity, with its broad range of course offerings, flexible curriculum, and fantastic faculty guidance.  My masters research with Dr. Leahy focused on the myriad of issues facing Maine’s family forest landowners, affording me the opportunity to partner with numerous natural resource professionals and landowners along the way.

What are you doing now?
During my time in the EES program I became fascinated with how the law and policy impact the state’s forests and forest landowners, which led me to my current pursuit as a student at the University of Maine’s School of Law in Portland.  After law school I plan to take these experiences and apply them to the resolving issues facing Maine’s natural resources.

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