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Alumni - Katie DeGoosh, M.S. 2006

Katie DeGooshWhat attracted you to the EES program at UMaine?
I was attracted to the opportunity to do my research on applied topics in aquatic ecology while being able to tailor my program of study and choose courses from multiple departments that directly related to my area of interest.

What did you like most about EES? How has your experience at UMaine helped you in your career?
I most enjoyed the flexibility of the EES program which allowed me to take classes in several disciplines since ecology is, by nature, a combination of sciences including biological, chemical, physical and geological processes, and it is important to have an understanding of all of these perspectives. I was also able to take a multitude of statistical classes which have been helpful in designing the collection, processing and analyzing of data, which is an incredibly valuable skill as a scientific professional.

What are you doing now?
After I completed my research I secured a position as an Environmental Analyst with the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC) stationed in Providence, RI.  I cooperate with the RI Department of Environmental Management Office of Water Resources to coordinate their surface water monitoring activities including invasive species distribution monitoring, ambient water quality monitoring, and macroinvertebrate biomonitoring in streams and rivers throughout the state.

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