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Laptops in Education - Teacher Education Faculty

From the Teacher Education Faculty

As faculty preparing teachers, we believe that technology plays a crucial role in learning at the K-12 level and that our students should be prepared to effectively use technology in the classroom setting. If taught to reflectively think about and use the power of interactive technology, our students will be ahead of the curve when they enter their own classrooms.

Two faculty members observe each other's iBooksPublic schools in Maine are using integrated technology and laptops to improve teaching and learning at the middle school level, and more and more high schools are making the commitment to extend that opportunity, which means students must continue to have access to laptops and appropriate software. The requirement that College of Education and Human Development students in the teacher preparation programs have laptop computers and specific education software ensures that they will have satisfactory access to the technology that is already very familiar to their future students.

The College initiative also has a built-in professional development component to ensure that our faculty integrate technology into their instruction and have the ability to assist students in using technology to improve teaching and learning. Students will use their laptops and software in many methods classes – for conducting research, creating instructional plans and investigating curriculum, as well as for teacher candidacy portfolios and many other functions.

In recommending Apple MacBooks, the Teacher Education Faculty believe they are best designed to fit the professional education needs of our students and to literally link them to the type of technology that seventh and eight graders and many other students and practicing teachers in Maine public schools are successfully using. – Anne Pooler, Dean

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