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Graduate Programs - Ph.D. in Education

The College of Education and Human Development is pleased to offer a new Cohort beginning Fall 2012 for a Ph.D. in Education – Focusing on PreK-12 Schooling.  Ph.D. in Education Brochure

Mission and Purpose

The Ph.D. in education, PreK-12 Cohort program offers experienced educators an opportunity to develop professionally and academically as leaders, researchers, and scholars. The program is designed to equip students with the skills and insight to address the most complex challenges that we face in education today, challenges that can not be investigated or solved by application of a single methodology, perspective, or discipline. For this reason, the program emphasizes the value of multiple perspectives, methodologies, and disciplines, and of collaboration among educators with diverse roles and academic backgrounds. Experiences are deigned to prepare candidates to assume positions in universities, Prek-12 schools, and community, state, and federal agencies.

Who Should Apply?

For this Cohort, we are seeking full and part-time candidates who:

  • Have interest and experience in PreK-12 education and who wish to grow professionally and academically, both within the field of education and within one of the following areas – Educational Leadership, Literacy Education, and Prevention and Intervention Studies.
  • Are committed to making a positive contribution to the improvement of education locally and beyond.
  • Demonstrate the self-direction necessary for advanced graduate study and independent research.
  • Have goals and interest aligned with the expertise of our nationally recognized faculty.

To contact Ph.D. Faculty or to find out how to apply click here.

For more information on PK-12 Educational Leadership, please review the following information sheet.   Educational Leadership Program Information Sheet

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