The Athletic Training Student (ATS) named above is enrolled in a course you teach. One time per semester, generally around the middle of the term, faculty are asked to provide information and comments which enable us to:

1. monitor and support each ATS

2. identify any ATS who may benefit from academic assistance

Please circle the classification that best represents each aspect of the student.


Attendance No missed classes Few absences (less than 5%) Several absences (more than 5%)
Punctuality Always on time Rarely late Frequently late
Participation Student participates on a regular basis without prompting. Student participates when called upon. Student rarely speaks even when asked to.
Scores Scores are nearly always above the class average. Scores are at the class average. Scores are below the class average.

Grade to Date (___/___/___) A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- E Pass Fail N/A




If you would like to discuss the Athletic Training Student, contact the Athletic Training Education Program Director, Sherrie Weeks at 581-2442. Return this to Sherrie at 108 Lengyel Hall.