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Education and Human Development

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Student Handbook - KPE Athletic Training Education Program

Application Guidelines

All Athletic Training Education students must apply for advanced standing after completing appropriate coursework and Health information.  Advanced standing is required continue in formal clinical education experiences.  To apply for advanced standing, students must:

Competitive Admission into the Athletic Training Education Program

Admission into the Athletic Training Education Program is competitive.  Athletic Training Student applies for formal acceptance after completing KPE 100 and KPE 250.  S/he is notified by the Program Director that s/he is eligible to apply, how to proceed with the application, and the application deadline.

Transfer students must meet all of the above criteria.  KPE100 Introduction to Athletic Training and KPE 250 First Aid and Emergency Care. No Clinical Course skills or hours from another institution hare acceptable as part of UMaine’s ATEP.  All transfer students must successfully complete a minimum of 2.5 years in UMaine’s ATEP.

Students are not guaranteed admission into the program even if all criteria are met due to limited seating.   All application materials will be evaluated by the Program Director and applicants will be ranked in order based upon the Candidacy criteria.  The highest ranking athletic training student candidacy applicants will be offered admission to the professional aspect of the program based on available positions.  Even though Candidacy applicants may meet all the criteria, they may be denied admission due to their rank order.  Students are allowed to apply two times.

Promising applicants that meet nearly all criteria can be accepted to the program on a probational basis.  Probationary acceptance is rare and will be handled on a case by case basis.

Application Contents

  1. An official copy of your academic transcript. Evidence of KPE 100 and KPE 250 completion with a minimum grade of “B -”.  A student who receives a grade lower than this minimum must retake the class for grade improvement.
  2. Observation Experience Reflections. You must complete at least three observation experiences, for a total of 10 hours during KPE 100 Introduction to Athletic Training course. 
  3. First Aid and Emergency Care (KPE 250). The goal of the course is to introduce you to First Aid and Emergency Care skills as well as injury prevention skills.  You must complete a series of Skills showing that you are familiar with basic athletic training skills.  These skills must be observed and signed by a course instructor.
  4. An essay explaining why you want to be an Athletic Trainer. This essay is a way for you to convey your interest in athletic training.  Include experiences and individuals who have influenced your career choice.
  5. The student may be required to perform a skill test demonstrating clinical competence.
  6. The student must submit documentation of the hepatitis B vaccination, proof of starting the vaccination process or a signed waiver releasing the program of any or all liability.
  7. The student must complete a physical examination including proof of immunizations signed by the medical professional completing the physical exam.  This exam verifies that the student is capable of meeting the Technical Standards for this academic program.
  8. The student must sign the Technical Standards Contract that states the student is physically and mentally able to fulfill his/her duties as an athletic training student.  Read and sign the appropriate section.  This also is included in this Application.
  9. Submit your application to Sherrie Weeks, Athletic Training Program Director.  It must be typed and include tabs, pagination and a Table of Contents.  The final product must be bound in a spiral binder.  (Staples, Office Depot can do this for you).


These requirements are effective for students entering the KPE program as of Fall 2009 and any students transferring into the program during Fall 2009 and thereafter.


Check Sheet for ATS Admissions to Athletic Training Program


  1. Official copy of academic transcript.  Overall GPA must be 2.50 or better
  2. Successful completion of KPE 100 and KPE 250 (B- or better)
  3. Observation Experience Reflections:  During KPE 100 students must complete at least three clinical observation experiences for a total of 10 hours and complete a reflective essay about each experience.
  4. An essay explaining why you want to be an Athletic Trainer.
  5. Health Information

a.  Documentation of Hepatitis B Vaccination (or signed waiver releasing the program of any or all liability)
b.  Physical examination including proof of immunizations
c.  Proof of successfully completing Blood-borne Pathogen Training (during KPE 100)
d.  Signed Technical Standards Contract

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