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Education and Human Development

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Student Handbook - About the Program


The University of Maine College of Education and Human Development is home to the Department of the Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPE). Within the KPE Department is the University of Maine Athletic Training Education Program. Currently, the program consists of nearly 50 undergraduate students, all of whom are making valuable contributions to the accreditation process of this academic program.

This undergraduate program is in its final year of candidacy and the Self-Study will be submitted to a subcommittee of the Commission on Accrediting Allied Health Education Programs, the Joint Review Committee – Athletic Training.

The curriculum is based on the 1999 Athletic Training Educational Competencies created by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Education Council. Each course in the UMaine Athletic Training Program is based on these Competencies and Proficiencies. A Competency Matrix and a Proficiency Matrix have been created for the instructors, for the students, and for the accrediting agency. These Matrices are available and can be accessed by contacting the Athletic Training Program Director.

UMaine’s Athletic Training Education Program is comprised of two major aspects: 1) class room learning and 2) practical hands-on application. Courses are designed to follow a progression such that the student is introduced to a competency/proficiency that is reinforced and finally mastered through other classes and clinical experiences. Clinical experiences are actual athletic training settings supervised by UMaine Approved Clinical Instructors (ACIs). These ACIs have been formally trained and understand the mission, goals and objectives of this program. It is with these instructors that the student will master previously learned competencies and proficiencies. The strength of UMaine’s program lies in its diversity of ACIs and Clinical Experience settings. The students will be introduced to Division 1 athletics, high school athletics, Division III athletics, hospital and private practice clinics.

The student’s final semester consists of an internship experience. This experience is designed for the student to integrate classroom competencies and simulated or directed skills with real experiences. The student is involved in a setting relevant to his/her possible future goals and begins the process of learning the actual profession which will include:

Mission Statement

The University of Maine Athletic Training Education program shall provide didactic and clinical experiences designed to prepare students for careers in the prevention and management of injuries, illnesses and conditions of the physically active. Clinical requirements provide students with diverse athletic training experiences in high school, small college, university, private practice, and hospital settings. Students who graduate from this program will be eligible to apply for the National Athletic Trainer’s Association Board of Certification Athletic Training Certification Examination. They will be competent and proficient in the knowledge and skills required to serve as an allied health care professional in secondary schools, colleges, rehabilitation clinics, professional sports and various other areas of health care.

Goals and Objectives

Student Goal

Students will experience didactic and clinical instructional methods of teaching to attain and maintain mastery of competencies and proficiencies necessary for one to function as an entry-level athletic trainer.


The student will demonstrate knowledge of the six domains of athletic training as provided by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification Inc. (BOC) both in classroom setting and in clinical settings.

• Prevention
• Recognition, Evaluation and Assessment
• Immediate Care
• Treatment, Rehabilitation and Reconditioning
• Organization and Administration
• Professional Development

The student will demonstrate the understanding and mastery of competencies and proficiencies as outlined by the NATA Education Committee (1999).

• Competencies and proficiencies matrices
• Clinical Experience progression
• Written and practical testing
• Scenario applications
• Reflective writing practices
• Timely peer and supervisor reviews of the student’s abilities
• Student mentoring
• Use of Mock BOC exam

The student will be placed in various medical settings as a resource for learning about the medical needs of diverse populations as well as about the roles of other health/medical professions.

Program Goal

To communicate in a consistent and timely manner with each person involved in the athletic training education program (student, faculty, approved clinical instructors, clinical instructors).


The program director will be responsible for the following:

Program Goal

To consistently upgrade athletic training education program as standards evolve and as necessary.


Program Goal

To educate and recruit appropriate students to the athletic training education program.


This will be achieved through the help of the University of Maine Admissions personnel, the Associate Dean, COEHD staff, clinical instructors and program director.

KPE Athletic Training Major Tracking Sheet
Possible 4 Year Schedule

Athletic Training
Total Credit Hours: 126 Minimum
This is a sample program. Patterns may vary.

Credits Course Credits Course

1st Semester 1st Year

2nd Semester 1st Year

4 *BIO 100 Basic Biology 4 *BIO 208 Anatomy & Physiology
3 *ENG 101 College Composition 3 *Math 111 or Higher
3 *Gen Ed Course 3 *Gen Ed Course
3 *Gen Ed Course 3 KPE 250 First Aid
3 *PSY 100 General Psychology 3 KPE 253 T&T of Strenght/Con
1 KPE 100 Intro to AT
17 16

1st Semester 2nd Year

2nd Semester 2nd Year

4 PHY 111 Gen Physics I 3 FSN 101 Intro to Food/Nutrition
3 *Gen Ed Course 3 KPE 202 AT Clinical Skills 2
3 KPE 270 Motor Development 3 KPE 262 Meth of Teach Phys Act **
3 KPE 201 AT Clinical Skills 1 1 KPE 300 Medical Observations
3 KPE 273 Anatomy and Pathologies 1 KPE 303 Pharmacology in AT
3 KPE 386 Assessment LE
3 KPE 388 Therapeutic Modalities
16 17

1st Semester 3rd Year

2nd Semester 3rd Year

4 CHY 121 General Chemistry 3 ENG 317 Business & Tech Writing
3 KPE 301 AT Clinical Skills 3 3 KPE 302 AT Clinical Skills 4
3 KPE 385 UE Injury Assessment 3 KPE 367 Adaped PE
4 KPE 387 Rehab of Injured Athlete 3 KPE 376 Kinesiology
3 KPE 400 Gen Med in AT 3 KPE 378 Physiology of Exercise
3 KPE 383 O & A in AT
17 18

1st Semester 4th Year

2nd Semester 4th Year

3 KPE 372 Stat Meth & Assess Phy Ed 3 *Gen Ed Course
3 KPE 377 Biomechanics 6 KPE 427 Internship – AT
3 KPE 401 AT Senior Seminar
3 KPE 426 Ex Rx and Class Manage
3 KPE 490 Nutrition for Sports & Ex
15 9
*Meet University of Maine Requirements Revised 9/07

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