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Brett Gerard

Ph.D. Student/Research Assistant

Brett Gerard
Phone: (281)352-8882

School of Earth and Climate Sciences
5790 Bryand Global Sciences Center
Room 217

My research is part of the “Safeguarding a Vulnerable Watershed (Sebago Lake)” project supported by Maine’s Sustainability Solutions Initiative. My research focuses on the condition of lowland tributaries within the Sebago Lake watershed which govern the flow of water, sediment, nutrients, and pollutants into the lake. I am interested in the lowland tributary network primarily because maintenance of lake water quality requires maintenance of this system. My primary interest is in the influence of climate and human modifications, both in-stream and on the landscape, on the flow regime and channel bottom conditions of these tributaries. Flow regime modification is considered one of the most serious threats to the integrity of riverine systems, and my interest in channel bottom conditions relates to the functionality of the hyporheic zone, a fluctuating zone beneath or adjacent to river systems where surface water and groundwater mix. Exchange between the river and the hyporheic zone can have a strong influence on a river’s thermal dynamics, nutrient cycling, and ecosystem integrity. For this research I primarily utilize a distributed watershed model coupled with the analysis of field data and observations.

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