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Thomas Kellogg - Publications

  • Kellogg, T.B., & Kellogg, D.E., in press. Non-Marine Diatoms From Antarctic and Subantarctic Regions: Biogeographic Distribution and Updated Taxonomy. Koeltz Scientific Books, 794pp.

  • Vaughan, D.G., Smith, A.M., Corr, H.F.J., Jenkins, A., Bentley, C.R., Stenoien, M.D., Jacobs, S.S., Kellogg, T.B., Rignot, E., Lucchitta, B.K., 2000. A review of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica: Hypotheses of instability versus observations of change. Antarctic Research Series 77: 237-256.

  • Burckle, L.H., Kellogg, D.E., Kellogg, T.B., & Fastook, J., 1997. A New Mechanism for Emplacement and Concentration of Diatoms in Subglacial Deposits. Boreas, 26(1): 55-60.

  • Kellogg, D.E. & Kellogg, T.B., 1996. Diatoms in South Pole ice: Implications for eolian contamination of Sirius Group deposits. Geology, 24(2): 115-118.

  • Kellogg, T.B., Hughes, T.J., & Kellogg, D.E., 1996. Late Pleistocene interactions of East and West Antarctic ice flow regimes: Evidence from the McMurdo Ice Shelf. Journal of Glaciology, 42(142): 486-500.

  • Kellogg, T.B., Kellogg, D.E., & Stuiver, M., 1990. Late Quaternary history of the southwestern Ross Sea: Evidence from debris bands on the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica. Contr. Antarct. Res., I, Antarctic Res. Ser. (AGU), 50: 25-56.

  • Kellogg, T.B., & Kellogg, D.E., 1987. Recent glacial history and rapid ice stream retreat in the Amundsen Sea. Journal of Geophysical Research, 92(B9): 8859-8864.


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