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Thomas Kellogg

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Columbia UniversityThomas Kellogg
Phone: 207-581-2194
Fax: 207-581-2202

School of Earth and Climate Sciences
5790 Bryand Global Sciences Center
Room 205
University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469-5790
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My interests are in the Quaternary paleo-oceanography and paleoclimatology of high-latitude seas. Of particular interest are glacial and oceanographic conditions as they affect and control the distributions of marine planktonic and benthonic microorganisms, especially foraminifera, and sediment deposition and accumulation under the continuum of varied environmental conditions related to ice: open ocean – seasonal sea ice – perennial sea ice – icebergs – shelf ice – grounded ice sheets. Distinguishing these environments makes possible paleoclimatic reconstructions which bear on the glacial history of high-latitude regions, and provide boundary conditions for glacial modeling and theory concerning the origin of ice ages.

The papers listed below illustrate the geographic and topical scope of my interests, including (1) a report on the microfossils and sediments in the first cores ever collected from the Amundsen Sea during our 1985 field season, (2) two reports, based on collections made during four field seasons, of the distribution, age, origin, and significance of fossiliferous debris bands on the McMurdo Ice Shelf, (3) discovery of marine and non-marine diatoms in an ice core from the South Pole, (4) an ongoing study attempting to use diatoms to track atmospheric transport paths from the Antarctic coast to the interior, and (5) an analysis of possible particle transport within ice sheets. Current and planned studies include continued work on Amundsen Sea sediments and microfossils, and diatom analyses of ice cores. Most of these projects have been funded by NSF grants which have included support for graduate students.

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