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Current Projects

Maine Geological Survey, Graduate Student Support to Map Coastal Bluff Hazards,, 2005-2007.

Bluff Management, Acadia National Park, 2005-2006.

University of Ulster , Northern Ireland, 2004-2006, Visiting Scholar.

U.S. Minerals Management Service, 2003-2005, Multi-Year cooperative assessment of sand and gravel resources along the inner continental shelf of Maine , (with Daniel F. Belknap, Walter Barnhardt and Stephen M. Dickson).

Maine-New Hampshire Sea Grant, 2003-2005, Monitoring of Coastal dynamics at the Saco River : (with S. Dickson and D. Belknap).

Maine-New Hampshire Sea Grant, 2006-2008, Salt marsh panne formation: (with D. Belknap).

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