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Joseph Chernosky - Publications

  • Chernosky, J.V., Jr., Berman, R.G., and Jenkins, D.M., 1998.  The stability of temolite: New experimental data and a thermodynamic assessment.  American Mineralogist, 83, 726-739.

  • Grew, E.S., Pertsev, N.N., Yates, M.G., Christy, A.G., Marquez, N. and Chernosky, J.V., Jr., 1994. Sapphirine + forsterite and sapphirine + humite-group minerals in an ultra-magnesian lens from Kuhi-Lal, SW Pamirs, Tajikistan: Are these assemblages forbidden? Journ. Petrol, 356, 1275-1293.

  • Chernosky, J.V., Jr. and Berman, R.G., 1991. Experimental reversal of he equilibrium andalusite + calciet + quartz = anorthite + CO@. Can. Mineral., 29, 791-802.

  • Chernosky, J.V., Jr., 1991. Chlorite: p. 58-60 in 1991 McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology. McGraw-Hill, New York.

  • Grew, E.S., Chernosky, J.V., Jr., Werding, G., Abraham, K., Marquez, N. and Hinthorne, J.R., 1990. Chemistry of kornerupine and associated minerals, a wet chemical, ion microprobe, and x-ray study emphasizing Li, Be, B and F contents. Jour. Petrol., 31, 1025-1070.


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