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Harold Borns - Publications

  • Borns, H.., Jr. "Changing geology and climate of St. Croix Island, Maine, in Pendery, S., ed. Saint Croix Island Maine: History Archaeology and Interpretation" Maine Historic Commission and the Maine Archaelogical Society, Occasional Publication in Maine Archeology #14, Augusta, Maine, p. 235-246.

  • Borns, W.W.Jr., Dieffenbaher-Krall, A.C., Birkel, Sr., Chase, G.E., Cwyman, L., Doner, L.A., Dorion, C.C., Fastook, J., Jacobsen, G.L.Jr., Nurse, A., and Sayles, C., in press, "A multi-proxy reconstructionof Younger Dryas climate, vegetation and ice dynamics in Northern maine: A case study", Journal of Quaternary Science

  • Borns, H.W., Jr., Doner, L., Dorion, C.C., Jacobson, G.L. Jr., Kaplan, M.R., and Kreutz, K.J., The Deglaciation of Maine. 2004, The Deglaciation of the Northern Hemisphere, INQUA.

  • Borns, H.W., Jr., Doner, L., Dorion, C.C., Jacobson, G.L. Jr., Kaplan, M.R., Kreutz, K.J., Lowell, T.V., Thompson, W.G., and Weddle, T.K., 2004. Quaternary Glaciations – Extant and Chronology, Part II, Elsevier, BV, pp. 89-109.

  • Hoyle, B.G., Fisher, D.,C Borns, H.W., Jr., Churchill,-Dickenson, L. L., Dorion, C. C., and Weddle, T.K., 2004, Late Pleistoncene Mammoth Remains from Coastal, Maine,USA, Quaternary Research, Vol. 6, p. 227-288.

  • Borns, H. W., Jr., 2001, Changing Paradigms of Surficial Geology: from the Biblical Flood to Glaciation, in Weddle T. K. and Retelle M. J., eds., Geol. Soc. Am. Spec. Paper 351, p. 1-7.

  • Smith D.C. and Borns H.W., Jr., 2001, Louis Agassiz and the State of Maine – a Scientific Alliance, Northeast Naturalist, 7(2) p. 157-177.

  • Ackert, R.P., Jr., Barclay, D.J., Borns, H.W., Jr., Calkin P.E., Kury, M.D., Fastook, J.H., and Steig, E.J., 1999, Measurements of Post Ice Sheet Elemations in Interior West Antarctica , Science, 286, p. 276-280

  • Borns, H.W., Jr., Dorion C., Calkin, P.E., Wiles G. and Barclay D.J., 1996, Evidence for Thicker Ice in Interior West Antarctica, Ant. J. of the U.S. 30, (5), p. 100-101


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