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Andrew Reeve - Publications

  • A.S. Reeve, Glaser, P.H. and Rosenberry, D.O. (submitted) Seasonal changes in peatland surface elevation recorded with GPS stations in the Red Lake Peatlands, northern Minnesota, USA. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences.

  • C.E. Bon, A.S. Reeve, L. Slater, and X. Comas (Submitted) Using Hydrologic Measurements to Investigate Free Phase Gas Ebullition in a Maine Peatland, USA. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences.

  • Sawdey, J.R. and A.S. Reeve. In Press. Automated inverse computer modeling of borehole flow data in heterogeneous aquifers,Computers & Geosciences (corrected proof available on-line)

  • Comas, X., L. Slater, and A. S. Reeve (2011), Atmospheric pressure drives changes in the vertical distribution of biogenic free-phase gas in a northern peatland, J. Geophys. Res., 116, G04014

  • Reeve, A.S. and M. Gracz. 2008, Simulating the hydrogeologic setting of peatlands in the Kenai Peninsula Lowlands, Wetlands 28:92-106

  • Xavier Comas, Lee Slater, and A. S. Reeve. 2008. Seasonal geophysical monitoring of biogenic gases in a northern peatland: Implications for temporal and spatial variability in free phase gas production rates. Journal of Geophysical Research.

  • Comas, X., L. Slater, and A. Reeve, A., 2007, In situ monitoring of free-phase gas accumulation and release in peatlands using ground penetrating radar (GPR), Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L06402.

  • Lipfert, G., W. C. Sidle, A. S. Reeve, R. A. Ayuso, and A. J. Boyce. 2007. High arsenic concentrations and enriched sulfur and oxygen isotopes in a fractured-bedrock ground-water system. Chemical Geology.242:385-399.

  • Slater, L., X. Comas, A. Reeve, and H. Jol (2007), Surveying Hydrology, Ecology, andClimate Effects of Northern Peatlands, Eos Trans. AGU, 88(42), 428.

  • Lipfert, G, A. Reeve, W. Sidle and R. Marvinney. 2006. Geochemical patterns of arsenic-enriched ground water in fractured, crystalline bedrock, Northport, Maine, USA. Applied Geochemistry. 21:528-545.

  • Reeve, A.S., R. Evensen, P.H. Glaser. D.I. Siegel and D. Rosenberry. 2006. Flow path oscillations in transient ground-water simulations of large peatland systems. Journal of Hydrology. 316:313-324.

  • Comas, X., L. Slater and A. Reeve. 2005. Stratigraphic controls on pool formation in a domed bog inferred from ground penetrating radar (GPR). Journal of Hydrology. 315:40-51

  • Comas, X., L. Slater, and A. Reeve. 2005. Geophysical and hydrological evaluation of two bog complexes in a northern peatland: Implications for the distribution of biogenic gases at the basin scale, Global Biogeochem. Cycles. 19:GB4023.

  • Comas, X., L. Slater, and A. Reeve. 2005. Spatial variability in peat soils is revealed by ground penetrating radar (GPR). Geophysical Research Letters, 32:L08401

  • Comas, X., L. Slater and A. Reeve. 2004. Geophysical evidence for peat basin morphology and stratigraphic controls on vegetation observed in a northern peatland. Journal of Hydrology 295:173-184.

  • Glaser, P.H., B.C.S. Hansen, D.I. Siegel, A.S. Reeve, and P.J. Morin. 2004. Rates, pathways and drivers for peatland development in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, northern Ontario, Canada. Journal of Ecology 92:1036-1053

  • Glaser, P.H., D.I Siegel, A.S. Reeve, J.A. Janssens, and D.R. Janecky. 2004. Tectonic drivers for vegetation patterning and landscape evolution in the Albany River region of the Hudson Bay Lowlands. Journal of Ecology. 92:1054-1071

  • Glaser, P.H., J.P. Chanton, P. Morin, D.O. Rosenberry, D.I. Siegel, O. Ruud, L.I. Chaser, and A.S. Reeve. 2004 Surface deformation as indicators of deep ebullition in a large northern peatland. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 18(GB1003) 1-15.

  • Calhoun, A., M.A. McGarry and A.S. Reeve. 2003. Wetland Connections: Linking University Researchers and High School Teachers to Advance Science Education and Wetland Conservation. Journal of Geoscience Education. 51:387-397.

  • Slater, L.D. and A.S. Reeve. 2002. Investigating peatland stratigraphy and hydrogeology using integrated electrical geophysics. Geophysics, 67:365-378.

  • Reeve, Andrew, Donald Siegel, and Paul Glaser, 2001. Incorporating dispersive mixing in models of peatland hydrology. Journal of Hydrology, 242:103-114.

  • Reeve, Andrew, Jon Warzocha, Paul Glaser and Donald Siegel. 2001. Regional ground-water flow modeling of the Glacial Lake Agassiz Peatlands, Minnesota. Journal of Hydrology, 243:91-100.

  • Reeve, Andrew, Donald Siegel, and Paul Glaser, 2000. Simulating vertical flow in large peatlands. Journal of Hydrology, 227:207-217.


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