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Employee Assistance Program

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About EAP - FAQ

What kinds of problems do people bring to the EAP?
All kinds! Think of the range of difficulties you, your family, friends, and coworkers have experienced, and you’ll have some idea. It doesn’t need to be a crisis. In fact, it is often easier to make changes if you don’t wait until you feel overwhelmed.

What happens at the EAP?
The first step, for any individual, is to be heard. An EAP counselor will listen, help you sort out issues, feelings, and goals, and encourage you to make some decisions to begin working towards a solution. Sometimes one or two visits will result in significant changes. Up to six free sessions are offered. Often a referral will be made for additional assistance based on need, personal preference, and health insurance coverage. EAP staff also provides follow-up contact to see if the problem has improved.

What about workplace problems?
EAP was designed primarily to assist employees with personal problems which are at risk of affecting work performance. However, it is clear that problems in all areas of life may be intricately related. Our goal is to help define the issues and develop alternative strategies to resolve the problem and/or manage the stress.

How Confidential is the EAP?
Confidentiality is the most important part of the EAP. Every measure is taken to protect people’s confidentiality by:

  • Complying with all state and federal laws. Confidentiality cannot be maintained if the individual is suicidal or homicidal, if there is reasonable suspicion of abuse to a child, elder or incapacitated person, if there is a court order, and, in defense against legal action or formal complaint.
  • Not disclosing any information, including being a client, to anyone without a written release.
  • Where possible, not booking clients from the same department consecutively.
  • Providing comfortable, easy access location as well as the availability of off campus (Bangor) for appointments.
  • EAP office is located on the periphery of campus. Clients pass no other department in order to utilize our services.
  • Clinicians maintain their own clinical records; notes are not transcribed by others.
  • Records are kept in not only locked but also padlocked filing cabinets, restricted to EAP counselors only.
  • Shredding all printed materials that either are or could be perceived as confidential.
  • Locking up appointment books and all records each night, and never placing confidential information on the desk or computer screen that a client walking into the office might see.

Can I get work-release time?
Employees may use work-release time for EAP appointments with prior approval from the supervisor. The number of visits for assessment, referral, and follow-up is at the discretion of the EAP counselor. Employees may choose to use vacation or sick time in order to maintain privacy. Referrals to outside agencies or individuals are not covered by work-release time.

If it is difficult to call for an appointment during work hours, you may call 581.4014 and leave a confidential message on our Voice Mail at any time. Just leave a phone number and time you can be reached, and we will return your call.

Can my supervisor make me go to the EAP?
Supervisors are encouraged to recommend the EAP as a resource for employees whenever they are concerned about ongoing performance problems. However, our service is a benefit provided at no cost to employees, and is purely voluntary. As always, all conversations are confidential and the EAP will not disclose any information to the supervisor unless the client signs a written release.

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Contact Information

Employee Assistance Program
126 College Avenue
Orono, Maine 04473-1580
Phone: 207.581.4014 or 1.877.EAP.3315 | Fax: 207.581.3017
The University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469
A Member of the University of Maine System