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Mental Health and Campus Resource Links

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University of Maine

Addictions/Substance Abuse
Traditional 12-Step Program

Alternative/Other Self-Help Groups

Assisted Living

Health/Mental Health

Legal/Consumer Information

  • Benefits Check Up  – National Council on the Aging’s free on-line service that identifies federal and state assistance programs for elders.
  • Consumer World – A public service non-commercial guide of over 2000 useful consumer resources
  • Consumer Complaints – Updated resources that can help you take action on individual consumer complaints about products and services; telemarketing; Y2K consumer issues; e-commerce & the internet; automobiles; healthcare; and environmental violations
  • Consumer Law Page – Over 150 articles and brochures on topics of interest to consumers
  • Courts -  Forms and Fees
  • Divorce – Helpful resource about divorce
  • Divorce and Parental Rights in Maine
  • – Info, tools and resources for all foreign-born individuals entering or living in the U.S.
  • Kelley Blue Book – Check the retail or trade-in value for almost any car or truck model from the past 21 years
  • Quackwatch – Home page of Quackwatch, Inc., a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related frauds, myths, fads and fallacies
  • Relocation Resources - This site offers many resources for moving to a new city, finding and buying a home, and moving.
  • Volunteer Match – Organizations needing volunteers can post their needs here; wouldbe volunteers can post their zip code and see what kinds of volunteers are needed.


Career Resources

Domestic Violence (Relationship and Other Abuse)

Natural Disasters

How to Contribute
In response to the news of the devastation and destruction world-wide, the University of Maine’s Employee Assistance Program has established this emergency trauma response link on its website.
This link offers resources for coping with grief and trauma as well as helping you find a family member whom you believe may have been a victim of a natural disaster.
During times of profound tragedy, we offer our support to the faculty and staff of the University community who may have been directly or indirectly impacted by natural disasters and other traumatic event.

News and Information

Support Services