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Common Concerns - Depression

Self- Screening and Important Facts

Depression affects more than 19 Million American adults, making it one of the most common serious but treatable illnesses in the United States.
(NIMH, 4/99)

Did you know?
Two-thirds of Depressed People Do Not Receive Appropriate Treatment…

Because Their Symptoms:

  • Are not recognized.
  • Are blamed on personal weakness.
  • Are so disabling that people┬ácannot reach out for help.
  • Are misdiagnosed and wrongly┬átreated.

Did you know?
80% of People with Serious Depression Can Improve Significantly

Symptoms can be relieved, usually within a matter of weeks.

Did you know?
Each Year, Depression Affects 12% of Women and 7% of Men.
Throughout a lifetime, 20% of Women are Affected by Depression.

Information Provided by the National Institute of Mental Health (1999)

If you would like to speak to a counselor about your concerns about depression, contact the University of Maine EAP at 581.4014 or 1.877.EAP.3315.
EAP is a free and confidential service for University of Maine faculty, staff, and their immediate family members.

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