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Employee Assistance Program

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Copies of the newsletter are available from the EAP office.
Call EAP at 581.4014 or 1.877.EAP.3315 for a copy.

April 2014 The Immigrant Experience
February/March 2014 Marijuana
January 2014 Bipolar Disorder
December 2013 On-Line Relationships
October 2013 Habits
September 2013 Amazing Animals
March 2013 Violence and Kids
February 2013 Introversion
January 2013 Worry
November 2012 Team Building
October 2012 Nonviolent Communication
September 2012 Grief
April 2012 When Partners Become Parents
February 2012 Mindfulness
January 2012 Change
December 2011 ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
October 2011 Depression
September 2011 Emotional Intelligence
May 2011 Civility
March 2011 Hoarding
February 2011 Quitting Time: Steps to a Tobacco-Free Life
December 2010 Holidays: Reduce the stress – enjoy them more!
November 2010 Asperger’s Disorder
October 2010 Perfectionism
April 2010 Money Matters
March 2010 Jealousy
February 2010 Relationships: How to make a good one better, how to repair when one is damaged
January 2010 Dementia and Alzheimer’s ( Is There a Difference?)
November 2009 Compulsive Overeating
October 2009 Raise Your HQ! (Happiness Quotient)
September 2009 Prescription Drug Abuse
April 2009 Dating After 50
March 2009 Sleep
February 2009 Chronic Illness
December 2008 Making It Through Tough Times
November 2008 Caregiving
October 2008 Gossip
April 2008 Stressed Out
March 2008 Workplace Bullying
February 2008 Care Managers
January 2008 The New Retirement
December 2007 Holidays – Keeping it Simple
November 2007 Laugh Your Way to Less Stress
October 2007 Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning
May 2007 Posttraumatic Stress
March 2007 Road Rage
February 2007 Alzheimer’s Disease
January 2007 Understanding Depression
November 2006 Overcome Binge-Eating
October 2006 Resiliency in Difficult Times
May 2006 Beat Family Stress
April 2006 The Emotionally Abusive Relationship
March 2006 Forgiving and Moving On
January 2006 On-Line Communications  The Ups and Downs
December 2005 Lightheartedness
October 2005 Eldercare
September 2005 Mindfulness
May 2005 In Reading We Trust
April 2005 Keeping Love Alive
March 2005 Stigma of Seeking Help  “I’m Not Nuts!”
February 2005 Stalking
January 2005 In Praise of Shadow
November 2004 Stop Schoolyard Bullying
October 2004 Homesickness
May 2004 Workplace Friendships
April 2004 Running Meetings
March 2004 Values
February 2004 Children of Divorce
January 2004 Myths About Relationships
December 2003 Simplify The Holidays
November 2003 Hope!
October 2003 Anger Management
May 2003 Bullying in the Workplace
April 2003 Coping with Adversity
March 2003 Give Sorrow Words
February 2003 Step Families
January 2003 Beginning a Fitness Program
December 2002 Sleep!
November 2002 Remarriage: Making It Work
October 2002 Coming Out
May 2002 Mental Illness in the Workplace
April 2002 Is It A Problem?
March 2002 Listening to Dreams
February 2002 Domestic Violence
January 2002 The well-lived life: taking time seriously
December 2001 Gender-Related Differences in Communication Style in the Workplace
November 2001 Employee Assistance Program: We focus on you
October 2001 Our stories, our people – Dealing with our national tragedy
May 2001 “You can’t boss me around”
April 2001 Raising Boys in Today’s World
March 2001 Raising Girls in Today’s World
February 2001 People Who Need People
January 2001 To Change or Not to Change
December 2000 Satisfied With Life
November 2000 The Aging Mind: Facts & Fiction
October 2000 A Multicultural Word Salad
May 2000 Life Stories
April 2000 Sexual Addiction
March 2000 Motivation
February 2000 How to Fight Fair
January 2000 Computer Addiction
December 1999 Dreaming of a Joyful Holiday
November 1999 Getting Beyond Shyness
October 1999 Depression
May/June 1999 Creating Intimacy
April 1999 Writer’s Block
March 1999 The Masks We Wear & the Damage They Do
February 1999 Tips on Being a Good Supervisor
January 1999 What! Me Worry?
December 1998 Humor and Health
November 1998 Shop Too Much?
October 1998 Extramarital Affairs
May/June 1998 The Transition from Spouse to Parent
April 1998 Spirituality
March 1998 Self-Esteem
February 1998 Team-Building
January 1998 Procrastination
December 1997 Self-Nurturing: Restoring Balance in Your Life
November 1997 Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
October 1997 Grieving in the Workplace
May 1997 Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
April 1997 Compulsive Gambling
March 1997 Erase Violence
February 1997 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
January 1997 Burnout
December 1996 What is a Problem and How can the EAP help?
November 1996 Working Effectively when in Conflict with Others
October 1996 The Masculine Gender Role
May 1996 Anorexia and Bulimia
April 1996 The Gift of Friendship
March 1996 Coping with Loss
February 1996 Deep Relaxation – Part I
January 1996 Deep Relaxation – Part II
November 1995 Coping with Stress
October 1995 Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder
May 1995 Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Abuse
April 1995 Alzheimer’s Diesase
March 1995 Communicating Effectively
February 1995 Building Self-Esteem in Children
January 1995 The Emotionally Abusive Relationship
December 1994 EAP Library Materials
November 1994 Time Management for the Office
October 1994 Caregivers of the Elderly
May 1994 Taking Time for Relaxation
April 1994 Insomnia
March 1994 Menopause
February 1994 Perfectionism
January 1994 Depression
December 1993 Shopping to Excess
November 1993 The Emotional Side of Divorce
September 1993 Guilt
April 1993 Facing and Surviving a Crisis
March 1993 “Boomerang Kids”
February 1993 Love
January 1993 Forgiveness
December 1992 Diffusing Holiday Stress
November 1992 Improving Couple Relationships
October 1992 Stress and Healthy Family
May 1992 Decision Making
April 1992 Coping with Layoffs
March 1992 Eldercare
February 1992 Dealing with Anger
January 1992 The Effects of Divorce on Children
December 1991 Ways to Reduce Spending
November 1991 Coping with Holiday Stress
October 1991 Understanding Alcoholism
September 1991 Announcing the Establishment of the Employee Assistance Program
May 1991 Coping with Loss/Understanding Grief
April 1991 Understanding Adolescence
March 1991 Learning to be Optimistic
February 1991 Coping with the Stress of War
January 1991 Surviving a Financial Crunch
November 1990 Job-Related Stress: The Supervisor’s Role
October 1990 Single Parenting
September 1990 Co-Dependency
May 1990 Adult Children of Alcoholics
April 1990 Self-Esteem
March 1990 Stress
February 1990 AIDS in the Workplace
January 1990 What is a Problem ?
December 1989 Coping with Holiday Pressures
November 1989 Coping with Shyness
October 1989 Step-Families Part II
September 1989 Step-Families Part I
May 1989 The Healthy Family
April 1989 Dealing with the Angry Child
March 1989 Burnout
February 1989 Depression: Define It, Defeat It
January 1989 Does Your Home Encourage Learning?


Contact Information

Employee Assistance Program
126 College Avenue
Orono, Maine 04473-1580
Phone: 207.581.4014 or 1.877.EAP.3315 | Fax: 207.581.3017
The University of Maine
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