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Accommodation Policy for Students with Disabilities - Information About Notetakers

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Who are notetakers?

Notetakers are students who have volunteered to share their class notes. The notetaker is provided with two options which can be used to take notes.

  • Photocopy: The photocopy method allows student notetakers to take notes in their own notebook and come to the East Annex Building once/twice per week to photocopy the notes.
  • Email: The email method allows students who type up notes during class (or have access to a scanner) to simply e-mail the notes to our office via the Notetaker Dropbox in First Class.

What is my responsibility in obtaining notetakers?

If you qualify for notetakers please follow these directions:

  • Fill out the Accommodation Request Form (PDF) and indicate which classes you need the notetakers for
  • Expect a one to two week period to pass before your accommodations are completely implemented. It takes time to locate notetakers. Hint: completion of the Accommodation Request Form prior to the start of the semester speeds this process!

Where will I receive my notes?

Once you have filled out the requisite form and a Notetaker has been found, your notes will be available in a class conference that will be added to your FirstClass Desktop.

Course conference naming:

  • Class identification followed by DSS Notes
  • Example: BMB 208-001 DSS Notes

Please, notify our Records Tech if you have received a message identifying that you have a note taker for a class but you have not seen:

  • the class conference added to your FirstClass Desktop
  • notes posted to the conference weekly

Expectation of students receiving notes:

  • Students will attend class and participate in class discussions. The notes you receive are designed to act as a supplementary set, not your primary notes.
  • Students are expected to keep up with readings and class assignments. To do this, you must pick up your notes on a regular basis.
  • If students are not receiving notes from their notetaker, please contact Michael (our Records Tech) immediately so this problem can be corrected.
  • If it becomes clear that notes are being provided by the professor or notes are not needed for this class, the accommodation will come subject to review.

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