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Educational Programs - Maine Poultry Keepers School

Maine Poultry Keepers School

Little Ridge Farm in Lisbon,  Keena Tracey 101 Gould Rd, Lisbon Falls, ME 04252

Took place on April 5, 2014 Please email us at,,  if you are interested in future Poultry Keepers Schools or other poultry workshops and classes.

It was Co-sponsored by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension;the Maine Poultry Growers Association; the 
other Poultry related offerings.


Purpose of the Poultry Keepers School: To equip poultry keepers with practical knowledge and skills in the efficient Maine Farm Bureau; and the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association

production of poultry with a focus on bird nutrition, health and management. It’s designed for small-scale and medium-size poultry producers who are (or plan to be) involved in raising poultry for eggs or meat as a business enterprise. However, many of the topics presented are also suitable for backyard keepers, poultry enthusiasts, and 4-H teens. 

For more information, please call 781.6099 or email





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