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Educational Programs - Maine Poultry Keepers School

Maine Poultry Keepers School


April 5, 2014, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Carter Hall Auditorium, Kennebec Valley Community College, Fairfield, Maine

Cost: $25.00 (includes course materials; lunch not provided, participants should bring their own lunch). $10.00 discount for members of the Maine Poultry Growers Association (MPGA)

 Registration is complete, please call us at 781-6099 if you are interested in this or other Poultry related offerings.

Little Ridge Farm in Lisbon,  Keena Tracey 101 Gould Rd, Lisbon Falls, ME 04252

Co-sponsored by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension;the Maine Poultry Growers Association; the Maine Farm Bureau; and the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association

Purpose of the Poultry Keepers School: To equip poultry keepers with practical knowledge and skills in the efficient production of poultry with a focus on bird nutrition, health and management.

Targeted Participants: This one-day school is designed for small-scale and medium-size poultry producers who are (or plan to be) involved in raising poultry for eggs or meat as a business enterprise. However, many of the topics presented will also be suitable for backyard keepers and poultry enthusiasts.

Program Schedule and Topics

8:30 am Check-in and Refreshments

9:00 am Welcome

9:10 am Best Management Practices for Keeping Poultry.
Presentation of a newly assembled list of BMPs for New England poultry keepers, Dr. Richard Brzozowski, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

9:50 am Practical Poultry Nutrition
Understanding and meeting the nutrient requirements of poultry by age, stage of production, and species. Dr. Gary Anderson, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

10:50 am Poultry Health Survey Results
Erin Solar, animal science major, University of Maine

11:00 am 

Keeping Poultry Healthy
How diseases enter your farm, what you can do to prevent disease and where to find help.  Dr. Anne Lichtenwalner, DVM PhD; University of Maine Animal Health Laboratory/Cooperative Extension

11:20 am Triage Necropsy and Common Poultry Health Issues in Maine
Understanding when you can fix a health problem and when you may need help. Dr. Anne Lichtenwalner

12:15 pm Lunch
(bring your own lunch); Drinks, chips and fresh vegetable snacks will be provided

1:00 pm Virtual Tours
(via slides and video) of 2 Poultry Operations

1:20 pm Raising Poultry Organically
Living conditions, feed sources and health care requirements for certification. Diane Schivera, Livestock Specialist, MOFGA

2:00 pm The Importance of Light for Your Flock
Understanding how light affects your birds and their productivity and comfort, Richard Brzozowski

2:20 pm Poultry Meat Quality
from the View Point of a Poultry Processor – video presentation

2:30 pm Break-out Sessions/Workgroups: You choose the session.

1. Labor-saving and Money-saving Solutions to Raising Poultry, ideas from participants facilitated by Richard Brzozowski
2. Improving Poultry Health in Maine – What are you seeing? Can suppliers produce a stronger and better poultry population for Maine? How is NPIP working for you? Where can you find a vet if you need one? If you had to vaccinate, what for, why, and how? Facilitated by Anne Lichtenwalner
3. Exploring Cooperative Buying of Poultry Feeds & Supplies – Is it feasible? What are the obstacles? What are the advantages? Proposal discussion and assembling interested parties. Facilitated by

3:00 pm Workshop Reports and Closing Statements

3:15 PM Adjourn

A Reference Notebook will be provided to each participant and will include information on presented topics as well as the following: Poultry anatomy parts and functions; Regulations for Selling Eggs and Poultry Meat in Maine; Using a spread sheet to determine break-even pricing for meat or eggs; List of Maine pullorum testers; and more.

For more information, please call 781.6099 or email

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