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4-H Club Program - Activity Corner

Setting Ground Rules – Setting ground rules can help to make your meetings run smoother and keep everyone involved. Some hints for setting ground rules at 4-H meetings are:

  • Allow youth to make their own rules
  • Have everyone agree to follow the ground rules
  • Post rules at meetings so that everyone will remember them

Source:  “Citizenship Public Adventures Guide’s Handbook; An active citizenship curriculum for youth.” Published by the 4-H Cooperative Curriculum System 1999.  Page 14.

Scavenger Hunt in Your Own Kitchen: Search your kitchen for seeds. What kinds of seeds did you find? How many? What color are they? Compare and contrast the different types of seeds and think about what they might grow into.  Getting ready for your vegetable garden this summer? Learn more about germinating seeds, planning your garden, what plants need most and harvesting your produce. Check out the National 4-H curriculum on Gardening. To order, visit or contact your local University of Maine Cooperative Extension office.

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