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4-H Club Program - 4-H Forms, Applications and Registrations

Animal Approval and Lease Forms
(except Fryeburg / Windsor)
Lease Form
Animal Approval Form
Animal Approval and Intent to Sell Forms Beef
(Fryeburg / Windsor Fairs)
2014 Intent to Sell for Fryeburg / Windsor
2014 Animal Approval Form for
Fryeburg / Windsor
Citizenship Washington Focus CWF 2014 Information  CWF 2014 Application
Camperships 2014 Campership Applicaton
2014 Campership Information
Exploration of Food Science Day 2014- closed
Cumberland Fair 2014-TBA
June Jamboree 2014-TBA
Demonstration Day 2014-closed
Mini-Forum 2014 Mini Forum registration- closed
Robotics Train the Trainer 2014-TBA
Robotics Expo 2014
Leaders Association
Linda Clark / Margy Justice
Susan P. Grover
Scholarship Application 2014
Information 2014 Susan Grover
Scholarship Info 2014
Extension Group
Extension Groups Application 2014
Ext Groups scholarship rules 2014
Post Secondary Education
4-H Foundation Scholarship
4 H Foundation scholarship information 2014
Start-Up Packet 2013-2014 Start-Up Packet- For 4-H Leaders

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