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CC Extension Homemakers - CCEH Advisory Council


Cumberland County Extension Homemaker Advisory Council

County Officers:

  • Chair:  Marie Temm
  • Vice Chair:  June O’Donnell
  • Secretary:  Pauline Brown
  • Treasurer:  Sandy Symes

Group Representatives:


  • June O’Donnell
  • Nell Siegfried
  • Dorothy Bates
  • Priscilla Norton


  • Marlene Christensen
  • Sandy Kratzer

West Baldwin

  • Marilyn Dolloff
  • Jane Wyer
  • Pauline Brown
  • Lorraine Beniault
  • Wilma Mounce

Windham White Rock

  • Marie Temm
  • Sharon Ashley


Past Presidents:

  •  Wilma Mounce

County Advisor:  Deborah B. Killam

Advisory Council Calendar of Events

For more information please contact:      

Cumberland County Extension Homemakers [CCEH]
Phone: (207) 781-6099 or
800-287-1471 (in Maine)
FAX: 207-781-5983

Office hours: weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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