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2014 Portland Flower Show – Student Essay Contest

University of Maine Cooperative Extension and the organizers of the Portland Flower Show are asking kids to create a fairy tale set in a garden or forest, for the Portland Flower Show’s Eighth  Annual Student Essay Contest.

“Create a fairy tale set in a garden or forest. Imagine your fantastic character(s), be they humans, animals or plants, and describe what happens and why the garden or forest is crucial to the story. Remember – fairy tales are full of magical creatures, places or things – some of which might help your main character, but some might not! Let your imagination fly!”

For a contest application and rules, contact the UMaine Extension office in Cumberland County by phone at 800.287.1471 or by e-mail at Applications can also be downloaded from the Portland Flower Show website or the Cumberland County Extension website The deadline for submitting entries is Wednesday, February 12.

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