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Robotics Train-the-Trainer Workshop 2013

Hosted by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and Maine Robotics
Funded by the Maine Girls Collaborative Project

Where: At the University of Maine Regional Learning Center in Falmouth
When: September 9th, 9 am – 3:30 pm.
Cost: Free

Bring your own lunch.

Introduction to LEGO Robotics and MindStorms Software

This workshop is for parents or teachers interested in using LEGO robotics in their classroom or in starting a robotics club or FIRST LEGO League team.
First come first enrolled. High School Youth Mentors are also invited but must be accompanied by an adult.

We will be working with the NXT robot and the MindStorms software. We realize some schools are still using the RCX LEGO Robots and these are fine robots for use in both the classroom and the FIRST LEGO League, but it is too difficult to run both options at one workshop. It is possible to hire us to run a workshop at your school using whatever equipment and software that you use, contact us for more information.

We will spend about 70% of the time working on the robots and programming and as much as 30% reviewing information and coaching strategies for the FIRST LEGO League.

To sign up for this workshop please call 781-6099 or e-mail Lisa Waters at



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