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Beekeeping Courses

University of Maine Cooperative Extension in Cumberland County is pleased to offer the most comprehensive Beekeeping Education program in Maine.

bee hivesWith three levels of beekeeping instruction provided by Certified Master Beekeepers, we have programs for beekeepers of all levels.

Beginner and Intermediate Beekeeping Schools will commence Fall, 2013 and Winter, 2014.

The Advanced Beekeeper School is held every other year; the next Advanced Beekeeping School will be offered in 2014-2015. (Advanced Beekeeping School is designed for accomplished beekeepers with 5+ years of experience or those who have already taken Intermediate Beekeeping School. Completion of an Intermediate Bee School or instructor permission is a prerequisite for this course. This class will discuss advanced topics such as backyard queen rearing, mating nuc management, advanced nuc management, advanced swarm management, live colony removal, managing multiple yards, and more).

For more detailed descriptions of upcoming Beekeeping Schools please click here.

If you are interested in being placed on a notification list for any level or to request accommodations, please call University of Maine Cooperative Extension Cumberland County at  207-781-6099 or in Maine, call 1-800-287-1471. Or, please e-mail Justine Denny at


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