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Cumberland County Commissioners visit with Cumberland County Extension Association for joint workshop

All five Commissioners from the five districts that make up Cumberland County joined the Cumberland County Extension Association in a workshop Wednesday, July 17th. UMaine Extension in Cumberland County receives funding from Cumberland County for local operations. Funds received cover local support staff salaries, housing and supplies. In partnership with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension staff, each County Extension Association oversees the county budget appropriations that support educational Extension programs for county residents, coordinates development of a plan of work and helps hire staff. Cumberland County Extension Association is now actively recruiting new members, please go to if you are interested.

CCEA Commissioners workshop 2013 A Pictured:
Cumberland County Government Officials: Commissioner Neil D. Jamieson, Jr., District 1; Commissioner Susan E. Witonis, District 2; Commissioner Mark D. Grover, District 3; Commissioner Thomas S. Coward, District 4; Commissioner James F. Cloutier, District 5; County Manager Peter Crichton
Cumberland County Extension Association: Kathy Pierce, Michaela Davis, Ed Anderson, Vice-President Maryellen Thoma, Leigh Mundhenk, President Neil Piper, Treasurer Lori Hallett, Nancy Wintle, Secretary Ina Demers, Michelle Gregoire, AnhThu Truong, Kathy Silva, Esther Clenott
Extension Educators Richard Brzozowski and Kathy Savoie, Extension Program Administrator Lisa Phelps

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