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4-H Milfoil Project

Ansel Critchfield (15) has been 4-H member for 10 years and  a member  of the Laker Youth Community Action ( L.Y.C.A.) 4-H Club.

He was kind enough to sent us the following report on L.Y.C.A.’s work:

The L.Y.C.A. Club  met at our local high school (Lake Region High School). Our club’s main focus is on education and prevention/eradication of milfoil in our local water bodies. Some of our projects include making milfoil mats to block sunlight which in turn kills the plant(s), building and using underwater robots to locate milfoil, and working alongside L.E.A (Lakes Environmental Association) in the process of milfoil abatement and education in the Lakes Region.
The photos below depict the L.Y.C.A club working alongside L.E.A. in the prevention and eradication of milfoil.

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