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4-H Clovers are back!

The Maine 4-H Foundation, in partnership with Paris Farmers Union and 55 businesses statewide is again raising money for youth in every Maine county.

4-h Merry Makers Club participating in Warm Up America

4-h Merry Makers Club participating in Warm Up America

For the month of October, 4-H sells paper clovers for $1 each and proceeds support county-based 4-H programs and statewide programs, including Citizen Washington Focus held at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center in Chevy Chase, Md. 

 There are many local participating stores and of course you can always stop by and see the extension folks at the UMaine Regional Learning Center  to put your name on your clover.

“Initiating a statewide effort to raise money for 4-H programs means more programs that impact youth,” says Audrey Chapman, executive director of the Maine 4-H Foundation. “That’s what the 4-H Foundation’s about — providing educational opportunities to kids –Maine’s most precious resource.”

Adds Peter Chapman, CEO of the Paris Farmers Union, “Paris Farmers Union has its roots in agriculture, as does the 4-H Program. Our future depends on the youth of our country and 4-H is all about developing youth with good character. We are pleased to be able to help 4-H in their efforts to support Maine youth.”

Annually 25,000 youth participate inMaine 4-H which is the youth development program of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. To learn more, visit

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