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“Why do 4-H Project Records and Portfolios?”




Why do 4-H Project Records and Portfolios?

1.  Opens doors to the wider 4-H program.

2.  Your project isn’t done until the records are in.

3.  The feeling you get when you are finally done!

4.  You should document all of your hard work this year.

5.  It is how you get to Atlanta and Washington DC for 4-H trips.

6.  Your 4-H Leader will smile

7.  The nagging will go away!

8.  You will get your premiums for the fair

9.  It is a start towards 4-H Scholarships in high school.

10. Chris Clover says so!
To access 4-H Project Records and Portfolios go here and scroll down to “P” to find project record and portfolio:

If you have questions about your record books, talk to your 4-H Leader or call the UMaine Extension Cumberland County Office at 781-6099. We will connect you with a 4-H Awards Committee member to help you out.

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