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Retail Design Principles for Horticultural Businesses Webinar


Webinar Series Opens with Retail Design Principles for Horticultural Businesses

Contact: Mary Peabody, Email:

On Thursday, September 13, 2012 the webinar series opens with a special presentation for entrepreneurs on Retail Layout and Design Principles and Practices for Horticultural Businesses. What do customers care about when visiting retail horticultural businesses (garden centers, greenhouses, nurseries, wineries, produce outlets, farmstands, etc)?  Whether you have an existing retail outlet or are contemplating one, it is important to know how consumers shop and what tangible and intangible cues encourage…or discourage them from walking through the store. Learn strategies and techniques, ranging from wall color choice to display surfaces, to design and enhance a space consumers find appealing.  Kathy Kelley is a Horticultural Marketing and Business Management Extension Specialist at Penn State University who joined the faculty in 2001. She works with businesses on how to identify target markets and understand consumer needs and desires for goods and services offered by the produce, wine and green industries.
Photo by Edwin Remsberg, USDA
All webinars will air monthly on the second Thursday at 2:00pm (ET);


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