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Current Projects - Comprehensive Intervention Model for Maine (CIMME)

The University of Maine Center for Research and Evaluation (CRE) in cooperation with the University of Maine Reading Recovery Training Center and the Maine Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy has developed the Comprehensive Intervention Model for Maine, or CIMME, an innovative web-based data collection system that informs moment-by-moment instructional decision making. The CIMME system is uniquely designed for the purpose of providing educators with real-time data about the progress of their students and to inform instructional decision-making within an RTI framework.

CIMME is designed to be an efficient, easy to use system that is highly accessible to educators and educational leaders.  Student data are displayed in multiple visual formats, such as line charts, motion graphs, and tabular formats, that easily illustrate trajectories of learning.  The system is also designed to support reviews of instructional effectiveness by providing teacher-level data.  These detailed data can show the number of instructional hours spent, the specific texts used for instruction, average text level gain, and average writing vocabulary gain.  This can be reviewed for a specific student, an entire class, a teacher, or a school.  Together, these help to paint a more detailed picture of individual literacy interventions as well as the progress across teachers, schools, and districts.


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