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Faculty and Staff

Craig A. Mason, PhD, Director, Professor of Education and Applied Quantitative Methods 

Growth/value-added models, structural equation modeling, epidemiology, informatics

Sriram Bhuvanagiri, Data System Programmer (DEBBI)

Jason Charland, Grants Management Coordinator

Cecilia Cobo-Lewis, Programmer and Hospital Liaison for ChildLINK (DEBBI)

Kit Cuddy, Data System Programmer (DEBBI)

Donna Doherty, Research Associate

Stacy Doore, Research Associate

Janet Fairman, PhD, Associate Research Professor

Educational policy and reform, mathematics and science education reform, teacher professional development, and teacher leadership

Qinghan Liang, Data System Programmer (DEBBI)

Mike Porter, Research Associate

Heather Pullen, Administrative Assistant

Quansheng Song, Lead Data System Administrator and Project Manager (DEBBI)

Shihfen Tu, Associate Professor of Education and Applied Quantitative Methods (DEBBI)

Informatics, quantitative data analysis, newborn hearing screening, cognitive psychology and learning


DEBBI: Member of the Developmental Epidemiology and Biobehavioral Informatics group.