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Welcome to Courage To Teach®

Are you an educator or school leader who…

  • has a life-long interest in personal and professional growth?
  • is committed to aligning your personal values with your professional practice?
  • seeks to overcome the isolation of your role and develop a greater capacity to bridge the distance between yourself and your students and colleagues?
  • is wondering about potential leadership roles or your future in education?

If some of these questions are true for you, Courage to Teach® invites you to participate in a day-long, multi-day or weekend seasonal retreat series designed to revitalize the hearts, minds, and spirits of educators.

The Maine Courage To Teach® initiative is affiliated with Courage & Renewal® Northeast and Center for Courage & Renewal®.

For more information, contact: Richard Ackerman, University of Maine College of Education and Human Development,

This program is sponsored by University of Maine College of Education and Human Development with funding from the UMaine System Chancellor’s Office, and symbolizes the University’s commitment to serve pre K-16 educators and school leaders in Maine.