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Outreach & Education - Workshops

Sex Roles and Discrimination

Find out how biology, environment, expectations, and media interact to influence our perceptions and stereotypes about sex differences. This topic balances questions that both men and women often have such as: “Can I be a feminist if I want my boyfriend to open doors for me?” “How does the wage gap affect men?” and “What discriminations and stereotypes to men face?”

Introduction to the Counseling Center

Do your students know about our free and confidential services? This 50 minute presentation articulates what our Counseling Center does and the many ways in which our staff can lend a helping hand to students. Discussion and questions encouraged!

Stress Relief

Give your stressed students a “mental health day” with this 50 minute presentation. We’ll focus on tried and true relaxation exercises and experience a few of them in class. Free relaxation CD!

Suicide Awareness Training

It’s the topic that no one talks about– yet suicide touches the lives of thousands of college students every year. Give your students the tools for identifying suicidal behavior in this 80 minute presentation (can be modified for 50 minute classes), which is based on training by the Maine Youth Suicide Prevention Program. Emphasis will be placed on learning practical interventions that may save lives.


Tackling procrastination may require more than just getting a better planner. This 50 minute presentation will help students to understand the psychology behind procrastination and engage them in identifying strategies for dealing with the urge to put things off.

Healthy Relationships


Our relationships are often one of the most important parts of our lives. Whether friendships, family relationships, co-workers, or romantic relationships, we can all benefit from learning how to better understand others, communicate clearly, and have our needs met. This presentation provides information to students with an informal discussion on how we can improve and have the healthiest relationships possible.


Coping Skills for Handling Whatever Life Throws at You

We can’t stop the waves from coming, but we can learn how to surf. This 50 minute presentation will introduce students to helpful coping strategies ranging from mindfulness meditation to challenging pesky thoughts. This will be an interactive presentation, allowing students to try out and discuss various strategies.

Customized Program

You choose the topic.

If you have questions about our workshops or you would like a topic customized for your organization, please contact Kelly Shaw.

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