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Meet the Staff - Michael Lyman

MLyman1About Me

I’m originally from a small rural town in South Eastern Utah.  My wife Rachel is originally from Fort Worth, Texas.  We have two young daughters and we currently live in Old Town.  I switched my major between English and psychology, multiple times as an undergrad.  After a few jobs and internships in psychology/helping related positions, pursuing psychology seemed like a good fit.  I am currently finishing up my doctorate in counseling psychology at Brigham Young University.  Currently, I spend most of my free time exploring the gorgeous state of Maine with my wife and daughters.

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

My wife has ancestors from the Azores Islands.  I would travel there with my wife and family some day.

Professional Credentials and Interests

I’m currently finishing my doctoral studies in Counseling Psychology at Brigham Young University (expected 2013 graduation).  Existential orientation,with many ideas and techniques drawn from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


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