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Our Touchstone Web Stress & Depression Questionnaire is a unique, confidential service offered to all UMaine students who question whether counseling is right for them. Our primary goal is to help identify and treat depression and other conditions common to university students, and that interfere with academic, social and personal functioning. We invite any questions or concerns about how you are doing, and we encourage the use of this service as a viable first step in seeking help.

Clicking the link below brings you to a secure website that houses a brief, anonymous questionnaire called the Stress and Depression Screening Questionnaire. The Assessment only takes about 10 minutes to complete, and we promptly respond to each with consultation.

If desired, here is a step-by-step instructional PDF on how to access and complete the Touchstone Web Assessment.

If you are completing this only as part of a class assignment, we prefer you not take it, as we respond to each assessment and our resources to do so are limited.

Stress & Depression Questionnaire

If you have any questions, please contact the Counseling Center at 207-581.1392.

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