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Counseling Services - Group Counseling

While, a lot of people get freaked by the idea of doing counseling in a group, our clients tell us that group counseling is one of the most powerful and helpful things they have done to address their concerns. What they us is that group gave them a sense of support and helped them appreciate they weren’t the only person struggling. In our groups people address a wide range of issues, including: discomfort in social settings, depression, family concerns, anxiety, trauma, and a range of other concerns. We have found that working in a group enhances each individuals change efforts.

Groups typically will have 5-8 members and will be led by one or two of our professional staff. Below are descriptions of different types of groups we lead in the Counseling Center. Usually your counselor or the intake counselor will work with you if a group seems appropriate for your needs.

Counseling Groups

Groups meet weekly using for 90 minutes. They are designed to increase individuals comfort interacting with others and gain skill in exploring the experiences that brought them to counseling while getting the support of their peers. Groups that meet for longer periods of time work in greater depth with these issues, while increasing skill in managing emotions, decreasing anxiety and depression, and exploring the roles we play in different situations.

Support Groups

Support Groups offer a place for people with similar, specific concerns to share their experience, receive support from those with similar experiences, and learn coping skills in dealing with their concerns. Such groups offer a mix of education and personal sharing, though the amount of each depends on the group. These groups are often co-sponsored by other organizations on campus and led by staff from that particular organization and a Counseling Center staff member.

Substance Abuse Support Group

This group is for those wanting to decrease, stop, or maintain reduced alcohol and drug use. Contact the Counseling Center or the Drug & Alcohol Educations Program for more information about joining this group.


Our workshops are usually designed around specific themes and provide information about and teach skills for dealing with specific issues.   These workshops are offered at different times in the semester. Click here to see upcoming workshops.

Foundations Skills Workshop

Foundations Skills Workshop offers an opportunity to gain skills in changing thinking patterns, emotional management, and coping skills.   Typically there is little expectation or opportunity to share personal information about yourself. It is usually offered twice each semester. This workshop is run by two staff members from the Counseling Center. Contact the Counseling Center if you are interested in this group.

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