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APA Internship - Internship Training Philosophy, Objectives, and Model

The Counseling Center staff is highly committed to the concept of excellence in a training experience within an active service-oriented agency. While broad exposure to a variety of professional activities and delivery systems is advocated, a genuine commitment to intensive supervision and to the furthering of the intern’s personal and professional growth exists as the foundation of our program.

The four primary objectives of our program are:

  • To facilitate the clinical competencies of interns
  • To foster skills in prevention education and community development
  • To foster the development of an intern’s professional and personal functioning and identity
  • To promote an intern’s sensitivity to cultural diversity

The program at the University of Maine Counseling Center adheres to a practitioner/apprenticeship model of training. The program is designed primarily to provide intensive supervised experiences in those activities that can reasonably be expected to be practiced in a full-range comprehensive university counseling center. It also includes professional opportunities that may not be available at some counseling centers, but which may be required of a practicing psychologist in other settings. Hence, the primary focus of training at the University of Maine Counseling Center is on the practice of psychology and the primary means of this training is through an apprenticeship (mentoring) approach. Interns learn through real life practical experiences under the close supervision of knowledgeable skilled senior staff. As a staff we try to model solid professional practice, while also demonstrating sensitivity, dedication and sincere commitment to the professional and personal growth of interns.

In our program, each intern’s experiences are individualized in order to meet special needs and preferences. While approximately 40 percent of time is allocated to direct service, interns are required to participate in on-going Counseling Center programs and to develop their own programs or innovative approaches to furthering mental health in the campus community.

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