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President's Council on Disabilities

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Building Accessibility

Abbreviation Index

University of Maine Building Access and Bathroom Accessibility
Building Name Entrance Bathroom Access Elevator
Advanced Structures and Composites Laboratory (AEWC) All Entrances Accessible except North MB (1,2) WB (1,2) Yes
Alfond Arena All accessible except North end MB (2,3)  UB (1,2) WB (2,3) Yes
Alumni Hall West (A,D) MB (1) WB (1) Yes
Androscoggin Hall Inaccessible   Yes-small
Aquaculture Research Center West (M,R) UB (1)  
Aroostook Hall Inaccessible   Yes-small
Aubert Hall South (A)
East (A,D)
MB (1,2,3) WB (1,2,3) Yes 
Balentine Hall Southwest (A) Ramp MB/WB all floors yes
Barrows Hall West (A)
South (A)
MB/WB (1,2) UB (1) Yes
Bennett Hall North (A)
South (A) access to
Lecture Hall Room 137
MB (3) Yes (2 elevators, one to basement, second basement to upper levels) 
Boardman Hall South (A,D) MB (1,3) WB (1,3) Yes
Buchanan Alumni House North Right (A,D)
North Left (A)

West (A,D)
MB (1,2) WB (1,2) Yes
Canadian-American Center Inaccessible    
Carnegie Hall South Ground (A)
Interior (R)
Chadbourne Hall Left North (A) UB (1) MB/WB (2,3) Yes
Child Study Center North (M) UB (1)  
Coburn Hall Inaccessible    
Collins Center for the Arts Southeast (A,M) MB/WB (1,3) Family B (1) Yes
Colvin Hall Southwest (A,D,R) UB (1) MB/WB all floors Yes
Corbett Hall West (A) MB (1,2,3,4) WB (1,2,3,4) Yes
Counseling Center East (R) UB (1) N/A
Crosby Lab East (M,R)    
Crossland Hall East (R)    
Cumberland Hall Inaccessible   Yes-small
Cutler Health Center West (A,D,R) MB (1) UB (1) WB (1)  
Deering Hall Mid South (A,D) MB (1)  WB (1) Yes
Donald P. Corbett Business Building South (A,D)
East (A,D)
MB (1) WB (1) Yes
Dunn Hall East (A) MB/WB on all floors Yes
DTAV-Common East (A)
North (A)
West (A)
MB/WB (1)  Yes
DTAV – Residential Southeast (A) UB Yes
East Annex West (M,R)
South (A,R)
MB/WB (1) UB (2) Yes
Edith Patch Residential East (A) MB/WB all floors Yes
Edward T. Bryant Global Science Building East (A,D)
West (A,D
MB/WB on all floors Yes
Employee Assistance Program South (M,R)   None
Environmental Science Lab Inaccessible    
Estabrooke Hall South Right (A) MB (2,3,4) WB (3,4) Yes
  North (A)    
Fernald Hall West (A)
East (A)

North (M)
UB (1) None
Field House – Memorial Gym East (A,D)
North (A,D,R)
MB/WB (1, in locker rooms) UB (1)  
Fogler Library   MB (2,3) WB (2,3) Yes
Franco American Center (see Crossland Hall)      
Gannett Hall East (A,R)    
Graduate School in Stodder Hall North (A) MB (2,3,4) WB (1,4) Yes
Hancock Hall East (A,R) UB N/A
Hannibal Hamlin Hall Inaccessible MB/WB (1) Yes
Hart Hall Inaccessible None N/A
Heritage House East (A)    
Hilltop Commons West (A,R)
South (A,R)
UB (1)  
Hitchner Hall South (A,D)
West (A
MB (1,2) WB (1,2) Yes
Holmes Hall Inaccessible MB / W B on all floors Yes
Jenness Hall East (A,D)
West (A,D
None N/A
Kennebec Hall Inaccessible MB (1) UB (1) WB (1) Yes
Knox Hall South (A) UB (1) Yes
Libby Hall
Winthrop C. Libby    
Little Hall North (A,R) MB (2) UB (1) WB (2) Yes
Lord Hall South (A) MB/WB all floors Yes
Lengyel Hall Northeast (A,D,R) UB (1)  
Maine BoundAdventure Center West (A,R)
East (A
UB (1)  
1944 Building South (A,D)
Mid North (M)

Right North (A,D)
MB (1,2,3) WB (1,2,3) Yes
Maples Inaccessible    
Memorial Gym Northeast (A)
Northwest (A,D)
MB/WB 1st Floor locker rooms UB (1)  
Memorial Union East (A,D)
West (A,D
North (A,D
South (A,D)
MB (1,2,3) WB (1,2,3) Yes
Merrill Hall South (M,R) UB (1)  
Murray Hall West (A,R,D) MB/WB (B) Yes
Neville Hall South (A,D)
Northeast (A
MB (1) WB (1) Yes
New England Plant, Soil, and Water Lab South (A)   Yes
Newman Center North (M,R)    
Norman Smith Hall West (M,R)    
Oak Hall South (A) UB (B,2,3) Yes
Oxford Hall     Yes
Page Farm and Home Museum West (M)    
Parking Office (see DTAV Community Center      
Pavillion Theatre West (M)    
Penobscot Hall Inaccessible    
Perkins Hall North (M) UB (1)  
President’s House South (M)    
Public Affairs Inaccessible None  
Public Safety UMaine Police Southwest (A) (public entrance) Accessible bathroom and locker room None
Recreation Center South (A)
North (A)
MB/WB (1,2) Yes
Roger Clapp Greenhouses North (M,R) WB (1) Yes
Rogers Hall East (A,R,D) UB (1)  MB (2) WB (2) Yes
Sawyer Environmental Research Center South (M)
North (M
 MB/WB all floors Yes
Sculpture Building South (M)     
Service Building East (M)    
Shibles Hall East (A,D) “Into Basement” MB (1) WB (1) Yes
Social Work Building (South Annex C) West (M)
North (A)
UB (1) N/A
Somerset Hall Inaccessible   Yes
South Annex A West (M) WB (1)  
South Annex B North (M)   Yes
Steam Plant Inaccessible   N/A
Stewart Commons (Not in Use)      
Stevens Hall (North) South (A) UB (2) Yes
Stevens Hall (Middle) North (A) MB (1) WB (1) Yes and Interior Ramps
Stevens Hall (South) Inaccessible    
Stodder Hall North (A)
South (M,R)

Southeast (A)
UB (B) MB/WB (1,2) Yes
University Credit Union North (A)
East (A)
UB (1) N/A
Wells Commons West (A,D)
East (A,D)
MB/WB (1,2) Yes
Wilson Center Inaccessible   N/A
Wingate Hall East (A) MB (B,2) WB (B,2) Yes
Winslow Hall Inaccessible    
Winthrop C. Libby Co-Op Extension Hall West (A,R) MB (1) WB (1)  
York Commons  West (A) UB (1)   
York Hall Through Commons entrance   Yes
York Village (M)   N/A


Contact Information

President's Council on Disabilities
Phone: (207) 581-1226, TTY (207) 581-9484
The University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469
A Member of the University of Maine System