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Alumni Profiles - Kim Preble

Kim PrebleMarketing at Engenuity

Kim Preble graduated from the Maine Business School in 2011 and three months later, landed a job as a marketing associate at Engenuity Systems Inc., in Chandler, Ariz. Cofounded in 1994 by University of Maine College of Engineering alumnus Tracy Markie ’84, Engenuity is one of the world’s largest distributors of energy efficiency control systems.

Preble, a native of Auburn, Maine, majored in marketing and management, and minored in French, Spanish and political science. Her parents, Joanna Deasy Preble and Jeffrey Preble, graduated from UMaine with Markie and kept in touch with him over the years, according to Kim Preble. When he happened to tell them that he needed someone to help his company with marketing, it seemed serendipitous.

“There I was with a marketing degree looking for a job,” Kim Preble said. “It was all about networking.” 

Preble’s sister, Sara, also is a UMaine alumna. She graduated in 2008 with a degree in nutrition and is working toward a master’s degree in public health policy at UMaine.

In her marketing job, Preble writes newsletters and news releases, manages the information Engenuity posts on social media sites, researches databases that the company uses to track customers, performs quality control checks, and helps with sales support.

“I love my job,” she said. “I like the variety of tasks in which I’m involved. One week I’ll be working on a newsletter and the next on a press release. The next week something totally different comes along. I did a lot of writing at MBS so I feel comfortable writing newsletters and news releases. Our products are very technical so the biggest challenge has been to learn the practical, detailed side of everything. But it’s been really fun and interesting to learn. I also enjoy the marketing side of business. I find it interesting to look at human behavior and figure out why people make certain purchases.”

Preble, who credits MBS with preparing her for the workplace, made it a point to tell marketing professor Harold Daniel and Executive-in-Residence Paul Myer about her new job. She knew her former teachers would be happy and proud to hear about her successful transition from school to career.

“MBS got me to where I am today,” she said. “Our professors made the material interesting, understandable, and relevant, and you could tell they wanted to make sure we understood the material.

“The business school provided a lot of insight into the real business world,” said Preble, recalling a research project in Professor Harold Daniel’s class in which students worked with Maine’s Wabanaki tribes to determine whether a business opportunity existed in voluntourism.

Myer also showed students how marketing theories they learned in class could be applied to real life, she said. “He would tell us that he has a ‘been there-done that’ degree,’’ she said. “He was able to relate his lectures back to his work experience which helped reinforce that what we were learning in class could be applied to the work place.

“MBS helped transform me from a teenager to a young adult,” Preble continued. “I learned how to be professional and go from a school setting to the business world.”

Preble advises young job seekers to branch out and expand past their comfort zone. Apply for a job, “even if you don’t come from a technical background,” she said. “As long as you are willing to learn, you will do fine.”

Community service is important to Preble, who plans to join the Rotary Club. She is using her marketing skills to help maintain social networking sites for a local domestic violence shelter for which Engenuity is raising funds.

“It’s nice to know that Engenuity is a successful business working to make a difference in people’s lives,” she said. “It’s an exciting and interesting company. I know my opinions and work are valued here. It’s rewarding to be excited by my work and feel like it truly is meaningful.”

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