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FirstClass E-Mail and Message System

Every registered University of Maine student receives a FirstClass account on the campus intranet system. This is a primary communication method used for personal e-mail and important general announcements. The bursars office and financial aid use it to contact you. Many professors use it to share course information with you. Access information comes with your packet from the University. Get the software to install on your own computer and more information at the FirstClass Website. If you do not have a username or password, or need help using the system, contact the IT Help Center at 581-2506. You can also stop by their office in the basement of Shibles Hall.

On FirstClass, you can find folders labeled specifically for non-traditional and commuting students. These discussion folders serve as a resource to students and contain information about various campus-wide events, special events and announcements for this student population. They also provide a discussion forum for non-traditional students and commuters.

Links to FirstClass discussion folders related to commuters and non-traditional students (If you cannot access any of these folders from here, please send an e-mail to Barbara Smith on FirstClass to request access):

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