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Psychological Services Center - Staff


Services are provided by supervisor-associate teams. Supervision takes a variety of forms. Direct observation via one-way mirrors as well as audio and videotape recordings are used for supervision purposes.

Clinical supervisors are licensed psychologists. The core team of supervisors are faculty members in the clinical program in the Department of Psychology.


April C. O’Grady (Ph.D., University of Maine, 2002)

Clinical Specialty: adult and adolescent forensic psychology, cognitive-behavioral treatment for adults, anxiety and affective disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, adult mental health evaluations, consultation
Internship: Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Department of Clinical Health Psychology, Winnipeg, Manitoba (2000-2001)
Licensed in State of Maine: 2004

Douglas W. Nangle (Ph.D., West Virginia University, 1993)

Clinical Specialty: ADHD; conduct problems/oppositional behaviors; child & adolescent forensic psychology; child& adolescent assessment and treatment
Internship: University of Mississippi Medical Center (1992-1993)
Licensed in State of Maine: 1998

Sandra T. Sigmon (Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 1989)

Clinical specialty: cognitive-behavioral treatment of affective and anxiety disorders; behavioral medicine
Internship: Medical University of Southern Carolina/Charleston VA Consortium, Charleston, SC (1988-1989)
Licensed in State of Maine: April 1994

Emily Haigh (Ph.D., Kent State University, 2009)

Clinical Specialty: cognitive-behavioral treatment for adults, mood and anxiety disorders, trauma-related disorders, borderline personality disorder, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.
Internship: St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences, Hamilton, Ontario (2008-2009)
Licensed in State of Maine: 2014

Sue Righthand (Ph.D., University of Wyoming, 1985)

Clinical Specialty: child, adolescent & adult assessment and treatment; forensic psychology; program development, consultation, & evaluation.
Internship: Norristown State Hospital, Norristown, PA, Major rotation in forensic psychology (1984-1985)
Licensed in State of Maine: 1985

 Community Supervisors

Asia Serwik (Ph.D., University of Maine, 2010)

Clinical Specialty: Forensic and developmental psychology, childhood disorders, problem sexual behavior.
Internship: Hartford Clinical Consortium (2008-2009)
Licensed in State of Maine: 2012
Current Affiliation: Maine Department of Corrections

Beth Cuddy (Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1990)

Clinical Specialty: child clinical psychology and pediatric psychology, with special interests in autism spectrum diagnoses, childhood anxiety, and coping with medical illness
Internship: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Medical School, Department of Psychiatry (1988-1989)
Licensed in State of Maine: 1992
Current Affiliation: Independent Private Practice

Stacy Whitcomb-Smith (Ph.D., University of Maine, 2003)

Clinical Specialty: treatment of anxiety disorders and behavioral medicine (e.g., chronic pain, insomnia, health and wellbeing)
Internship: Albany Psychological Consortium, Albany, New York (2002-2003)
Licensed in State of Maine: 2005
Current Affiliation: HealthPsych Maine, Waterville

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