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Faculty - Lira Yoon

Lira YoonAssistant Professor
378 Little Hall

Lab: Cognition, Emotion, and Emotional Disorders Lab

**Note to applicants: Dr. Yoon plans to take a new student for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Research Interests

My research spans multiple areas of interest, while maintaining a core research program focused on the interplay between cognition and emotion in the context of psychological disorders, especially depression and anxiety disorders. My research is guided by the idea that a more complete understanding of emotional disorders requires an integration of clinical research and basic research on cognition, emotion regulation, and biological factors. My research program, thus, attempts to integrate biological and psychological lines of inquiry in order to gain a better understanding of the roles that cognitive processes and stress reactivity play in the onset and maintenance of major depressive disorder and social anxiety disorder. To this end, I pursue several interrelated lines of investigation. These include studies of biased processing of emotional stimuli and of mechanisms underlying such biases (e.g., interpretation, memory, etc.), stress reactivity (e.g., cortisol stress reactivity, heart rate variability, etc), and emotion regulation.
For more information on my research, check out my CEED Lab.

Selected Publications

  • Yoon, K. L., & Joormann, J. (in press). Is Timing everything? Sequential effects of rumination and distraction on interpersonal problem solving. Cognitive Therapy and Research.
  • Quartana, P. J., Bounds, S., Yoon, K. L., & Burns, J. W. (2010). Anger suppression predicts pain, emotional and cardiovascular responses to cold pressor pain. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 39, 211-221.
  • Joormann, J., Yoon, K. L., & Siemer, M. (2010). Cognition, attention and emotion regulation. In A. Kring & D. Sloan (Eds.), Emotion Regulation and Psychopathology. NY, New York: Guilford Press.
  • Yoon, K. L., Hong, S. W., Joormann, J., & Kang, P. (2009). Perception of facial expressions of emotion during binocular rivalry. Emotion, 9, 172-182.
  • Yoon, K. L., Joormann, J., & Gotlib, I. H. (2009). Judging the intensity of facial expressions of emotion: Depression-related biases in the processing of positive affect. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 118, 223-228.
  • Yoon, K. L., & Zinbarg, R. E. (2008). Interpreting neutral faces as threatening: A default mode for social anxiety. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 117, 680-685.

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