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Speakers - Stanley Sue Distinguished Diversity Lecture Series

Each year since 2008, the Diversity Committee of the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology has hosted the Stanley Sue Distinguished Diversity Lecture series. Consistent with the Committee’s mission to develop a learning environment that promotes acceptance and tolerance of diversity, and encourage the integration of diversity issues into clinical practice, the lecture series honors Dr. Stanley Sue, a pioneer in the field of diversity as it pertains to clinical psychology. He has had an immeasurable impact on the profession, studying mental health and personality issues within the Asian American community, the validity of traditional assessment measures used with diverse clients, and how the therapeutic relationship is affected by differences in ethnicity, as well as differences in prevalence rates of psychological disorders cross-culturally. Each year, the student-based committee honors an individual, who like Dr. Sue, has shown an unusual commitment to diversity in their research. The honoree gives an invited lecture highlighting their work, receives a plaque, and meets with students and faculty.

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