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Diversity - Speakers

Each semester, the Diversity Committee invites a number of distinguished speakers to present on an area within the broad range of diversity topics. Talks have ranged from hour-long brown bags to longer colloquia or symposia. Speakers are broadly represented and have included members of student associations; University of Maine professors, staff, and alumni; members of local community organizations; and speakers from other universities and academic institutions.

Dr. Ray

Recent speakers

Yvon Labbe (Director, Franco-American Centre, University of Maine)


Sarah Henry (Assistant Director, Disability Support Services, University of Maine)

“Disability Services”

Sandra G. Coffman, Ph.D.

“Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’s Mindfulness Concepts Reflect Both Buddhist Traditions and Native American Medicine”

Maureen Army and Esther Ireland (Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired)

“What To Do When You Meet A Blind Person”

Elena Smith (Student Aid, LGBT Services, University of Maine)

“A Transgendered Perspective: Discussing Issues To Be Mindful and Aware of When Providing Services to Transgendered Individuals”

Sukanya Ray, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Suffolk University)

“Our Journey Towards Multicultural Competence: Understanding Changes, Challenges and Success Strategies.”

Stanley Sue Distinguished Diversity Lecture Series


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