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Law Enforcement Authority and Interagency Relationships

The law enforcement officers of the UMaine Police Department receive their enforcement authority via the provisions of Public Law 1971, Chapter 544,Section 142. As amended, the Board of Trustees grants the University of Maine President, or his representative, the authority to appoint persons to act as police officers with full arrest powers.

Police Officers of the UMaine Police Department are trained in the same manner as all other law enforcement officers in the State of Maine. Newly hired officers are required to attend the sixteen-week Basic Law Enforcement Training Program at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, unless previously certified by the Academy. Additionally each officer will receive an average of 30 hours of training per year.

The UMaine Police Department maintains close working relationships with the Orono, Old Town, Veazie, and Bangor Police Departments and with the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office and the Maine State Police, both through informal meetings at all levels and organizations such as the Region Five Chiefs, the Penobscot Safety Information Management System (PSIMS), and the Maine Chiefs of Police. Frequent meetings are held and information and reports are often exchanged. Student organizations that are located off campus are particularly highlighted by such exchanges.

UMaine Police Department has no Memorandums of  Understanding with other agencies to provide assistance to other agencies or to receive aid from these agencies when requested.